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Crochet Knit - Blush


Knit Crochet in blush, marsala and ivory in an abstract chevron design. 100% polyester crochet knit fabric, lightweight, 56/57" width. Grain is horizontal on this fabric with 50% stretch along the grain and 25% stretch against the grain.

Patterns used in modeled and flat lay photos in order of appearance: 

Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice Dolman and Sweet Tee Mashup

Chalk + Notch Pony Tank (flat lay)

DIBY Club Mae Poncho (flat lay)

Sonia Estep Designs Rebekah hacked into a cardigan

Designer Stitch Shakti Jersey Pants using the ruched leg version without the drawstring. Chris just left them open so they can be worn down or tie them up to stroll along the water’s edge.

Additional pattern suggestions provided by Chris Shapiro of Sewjourns

Made for Mermaids Marisol the Marisol is finished with a facing which will work great

George + Ginger Free Lounge Gown the Lounge gown would be an awesome nightgown piece or a swim suit coverup. Line the bodice with modal, cotton spandex or brushed poly.

5 Out Of 4 Sally Skirt Use cotton spandex or brushed poly for the yoga waistband and add a lining.

Halla Patterns Knotty Pants for Women Use cotton spandex, swim or brushed poly for the yoga waistband for cute beach pants similar to what I made.

Tips provided by Chris Shapiro of Sewjourns:


  • Use a new rotary blade to cut a sharp clean edge or the fabric will have pulls on the cut end
  • A serger is ideal to finish the open edges. I used a 4-thread overlock with a wide stitch width and short stitch length.
  • Hemming worked beautifully on a coverstitch. I used a 3-thread wide coverstitch and folded the edges of my cardigan over rather than adding a band. This fabric is not well suited for a band or binding
  • Choose a simple pattern with no closures like buttons or zippers since the fabric is a bit delicate
  • Choose a loosely fitting garment like a dolman sleeve top. I would not want to inset a sleeve with this fabric.
  • A cardigan with loose fitting sleeves, like bishop sleeves or slouchy dolman sleeves.
  • A lined tank top using another fabric as the lining and using the burrito roll method.
  • Choose a pattern without bands or binding unless you will be using a different fabric like cotton spandex for the bands or bindings.
  • Use a pattern with a flowy sleeve as a layering piece to keep it from catching on the top underneath.





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