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Polyester Spandex - Lavender Melange

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Lavender Melange Polyester Spandex Jersey - 92% polyester, 8% spandex, lightweight, 58/60". Stretch: 100% H/ 10% V. 

Patterns used in modeled and flat lay photos in order of appearance: 

Pacific Pullover by Greenstyle

Layer Me Up Shirt by Patterns for Pirates

Twist Back Top by Patterns for Pirates

Pumpkin Spice Dolman (hacked with a v-neck) by Patterns by Pirates

Additional sewing tips and pattern suggestions provided by Chris Shapiro of Sewjourns

Tips for sewing with this fabric:

  • Prewash and dry on gentle cold and low heat.
  • This fabric works well for fitted garments because of the 8% spandex so for my first sew, I chose the Layer Me Up Shirt by P4P. It produced a fitted tee that works well as a layering garment for a smooth look under cardis or even sweaters for a warm layer.
  • The fabric is slippery therefore you’ll have the best results by cutting the fabric in one layer as opposed to folding it over to cut mirror images. Instead use one layer and cut one with the pattern right side up and the mirror image by cutting with the pattern wrong side up.
  • Using a new or sharp rotary blade will help to make a clean cut as the fabric will snag and run with a dull blade.
  • With 8% spandex the fabric does work well for band and bindings and cuffs etc.
  • Because it is a slippery fabric press and/or baste the raw edges of your folded over band before sewing or serging onto the garment to keep it line up and prevent it sipping under the presser foot.
  • As this is a lightweight fabric you could line it if you wanted a more opaque top.
  • The fabric also sews well with other fabric bases of similar weight and stretch. For my second sew a used the Pacific Pullover Pattern by Greenstyle.  I paired it with SFF Single Brushed Poly and the fabrics worked well together.  Another good option for this fabric is a roomie pullover to wear over your workout top going to and from yoga or the gym as I have sewn here.

Pattern Suggestions:

  1. Layer Me Up Shirt by P4P- This pattern worked well in my opinion because of the 8% spandex.
  2. Pacific Pullover by Greenstyle I lined the hood to show that the fabric works well line and gives the hood a nice weight. I also topstitched the hood and neckline using a triple coverstitch and it worked beautifully.
  3. Other patterns I feel will work well are patterns that utilize bands such as crossover bodices. Also this fabric is lightweight and can be mildly transparent and crossover bodices will give two layers across the bodice for more coverage.  Patterns such as the Willow Wrap Dress and Top by Love Notions.
  4. The Sunshine Dress By P4P.
  5. The Clara Wrap Top by Greenstyle.
  6. Studio to Street Top, also by Greenstyle, is another good option for this fabric.
  7. The Copeland Cardigan by Tie Dye Diva, the cropped lined version would be very nice especially if lined with a darker color or print.
  8. I think flowy workout tops are a good options as well such as the Taylor Racerback Top by 5oo4 patterns.
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