It is time for another edition of Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats!  We are diving straight into summer at this rate and I am shocked at how quickly this year is going!! The weather is either gorgeous or rainy here in Atlanta so I have warm to hot weather outside and a freezing office inside!! Which means wearing work clothes that are cool and breezy outside but comfortable or layer-able inside. So, this month’s Work It 5 Out Of 4 Patterns Diane Joggers are another pair of work pants. I hear you, “Stephanie, I was told no repeats. It is right there in the title!!” But I have TWO changes to them this month you haven’t seen from me before, and I am COMPLETELY obsessed with them!

Let’s start with the fabric. I have never worked with Techno Crepe before, but when researching these ideas, I fell completely in love with this fabric. It is PERFECT for work pants. Comfy, easy to wear, wrinkle free, and so easy to work with!! I would fill my closet with this stuff in all the colors!! This Red Techno Crepe is killer though. It is bright but not glaring. So happy and matches a ton of stuff already in my closet!! Plus, those changes I talked about really made the perfect work pant! I slimmed them down to be a bit more of a cigarette pant and I have to say, these are my new booty pants. I can definitely wear these for date night as well as work. That’s a double win. And, I added back welt pockets!!! I adore the look of them, even if I rarely use them. Plus, welt pockets always, always feel like magic when I sew them. Once again, I did the same front pockets from Edition 3 . They are particularly lovely in this Techno Crepe - so soft and dreamy to slide my hands into, and they hold their shape just perfectly.

Now, these do match so many pieces in my closet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a new top to make this outfit outstanding!! So, after checking with the Sly Fox team for some matching suggestions (there are so, so many reds, it can be hard to choose. Which is another reason Sly Fox is beyond amazing! They are always there to help with suggestions and matches!), I picked up this gorgeous Eternity in Red DBP to make up one of my favorite 5oo4 patterns – the Gloria!! It has so many options (this is the most basic choice) to make the peplum, or dress, or hi-low of your dreams!!


Double Brushed Poly is great for this top because DBP does tend to be a little warmer, but the peplum breathes well enough to make up for it!! So, when I’m sitting at my computer, no breeziness, staying fairly comfortable on the temperature front. But when I’m moving and warming up a bit, lots of flow and delight, cooling me down and keeping me happy. Another perfect fabric/pattern pair!!

I am having so much fun exploring new fabrics and how to change up a single pattern. Plus matching it to a wonderful new top! If you’d like to see how I made all these changes and more about the both sews, head on over to Sarcastic Sewist and check out Edition 5 of Work It! and let me know what you think!


Stephanie <3

I hope you’ll join me over at to follow my 2019 blog series, Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats!, where I sew up 5 Out Of 4 Patterns Diane Joggers once every month in a new way, with a different fabric from Sly Fox Fabrics! I’ll be tackling many of the options included in the pattern as well as small (and not so small) hacks, in different types of fabrics to create 12 unique bottoms, from shorts to pants and some fun extras thrown in, just for fun.

Stephanie Troemel learned to sew from her grandmother when Stephanie was a little girl. She loves a good challenge, like pattern hacking, equally as much as she likes day-to-day sewing. When Stephanie isn't sewing, you can probably find her cooking, reading, or curled up with her kitten.