The end of summer is coming and I am not ready for it!  I’ve been loving stealing a few hours to go to the pool and soak up some sun. Thankfully, Atlanta missed that crazy heat wave earlier, and we are just starting to hit the hot, hot weather we’re used to seeing in the summer. It was the perfect time for a vacation! But, I can’t go on vacation without at least one new outfit. So, for this edition of Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats! I stepped into the luxury resort category to feel wonderful enjoying the gorgeous beaches and islands of Florida/South Georgia!   

I really wanted some lovely shorts that just felt comfortable and cool to throw on after the beach or over my swimsuit for a walk in the sand. Instead of making shorts out of a lightweight, flowy knit and risking them being too thin for my preference, I hacked the joggers so I could use this absolutely gorgeous Ohana in Pacific Bubble Crepe woven fabric. This is exactly what I was hoping for to get that luxurious, resort feel to make some truly versatile shorts!   

The colors in this fabric are ridiculous. It is vibrant and wonderful! I wanted a slight curve to the hem at the sides, and used some of the fabulous trim to take it up just one more notch and really finish the shorts. These small touches are exactly what I love most about sewing. Choosing just exactly the look I was going for and having so much fun scrolling options and playing with different textures to create different looks is exactly how I want to spend my spare time. These were absolutely the perfect shorts to be comfortable, but still stylish while enjoying the fancy shops on Amelia Island after spending a couple hours enjoying the beach!   


I used the Virginia Tank for this top because my sister Virginia just loves the fit of it.  It turns out, I do too!  Hah!  I used a gorgeous DBP solid (I used the Blue) to coordinate with this fun print and it is going to be a great basic tank in my closet!  Plus, this was such a winning outfit, my sister had to have a matching one!   

If you’re trying any of these fun hacks, let me know!  I’ve got more info over at Sarcastic Sewist.  Be sure to check out Edition 8 of Work It!.  Don’t forget to let me know what you think!  


Stephanie <3 

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Stephanie Troemel learned to sew from her grandmother when Stephanie was a little girl. She loves a good challenge, like pattern hacking, equally as much as she likes day-to-day sewing. When Stephanie isn't sewing, you can probably find her cooking, reading, or curled up with her kitten.