Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats. Episode 3: Ponte de Roma Work Pants by Stephanie Troemel


It's me again, with another month of Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats! March brings a brand new 5 Out Of 4 Patterns Diane Jogger in a completely different, but oh so lovely, Sly Fox Fabric. This month fills a huge need in my pants life. And I finally had an excuse to order one of the luscious DBP solids I’ve been eyeing forever for a top to complete the outfit!  




am moving up even more from last month in the fanciness department and made some super comfy work pants!! I hacked the patch pockets to be internal and used the amazing heavy ponte for thick pants that are perfect for my frigid office! If black isn’t your thing in the pants department, they have some other beautiful colors to choose from here.    

Of course, I used the pattern I graded and adjusted back in January.  I also stuck with the mid-rise, since that is sitting right where I want for work pants, as well as keeping the knit waistband, since the recovery on this ponte is amazing! I used the pants cut line and hemmed to where I wanted them, which is about 1/4 inch off the floor. Then, to play with the pattern a bit, I moved that delightfully large patch pocket to an internal pocket!! Work just needs pockets. You can read all about it in this month’s Work It blog.  




My wardrobe is chock full of crazy patterns and bright colors. These black pants have been so needed for quite some time. But, I thought I’d stay a little calm with this month’s top, too. I have had my eye on this Lipstick Red double brushed poly  FOREVER. Katy always brings it up in fabric videos and it is just the perfect shade of true red. So, I finally ordered it and it is as beautiful in person as expected! The Camilla top is one of my recent favorites for work and it rocks in solid!!   


Double brushed poly (DBP) is such a versatile fabric. I loved it as capris last month and I adore it as a top this month! So comfy, easy to wear, even easier to sew. Win, win! Now I want to make all the Camilla tops with the gorgeous prints available!   




Check out all the Sly Fox DBP hereAnd if you’d like to read how I moved the pockets from patch to internal and how much I adore this top, head on over to Sarcastic Sewist and check out Edition 3 of Work It! and let me know what you think!  


Stephanie <3 

I hope you’ll join me over at to follow my 2019 blog series, Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats!, where I sew up 5 Out Of 4 Patterns Diane Joggers once every month in a new way, with a different fabric from Sly Fox Fabrics! I’ll be tackling many of the options included in the pattern as well as small (and not so small) hacks, in different types of fabrics to create 12 unique bottoms, from shorts to pants and some fun extras thrown in, just for fun. 

Stephanie Troemel learned to sew from her grandmother when Stephanie was a little girl. She loves a good challenge, like pattern hacking, equally as much as she likes day-to-day sewing. When Stephanie isn't sewing, you can probably find her cooking, reading, or curled up with her kitten. 

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