We are gearing up for the holidays and I can’t wait!  It is the perfect time to enjoy some crisp air (or down right cold weather, depending on where you’re at!), doing some holiday shopping, decorating in shiny lights and happy colors, and prepping for holiday parties with friends and family!  I am ready to do all of that, and look fabulous with the newest edition of Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats!


There is nothing better than feeling comfortable and cute, while feeling like you’re wearing jim jams.  The joggers are obviously always a good choice for that!  With the right fabric, and a few tweaks to change them up a little bit, this month’s jogger is perfect for feeling a little more put together, while still having room for food baby tummy.  To bring up the fanciness, I used this fantastic Liverpool!!  It provides just the right amount of structure to give me a more finished look.  And since it is a double knit, it is keeping me toasty warm! 

I wanted a more dramatic look for these joggers, so I cut these at the capri cut line, but extended the cuff to hit my ankles, so I could stay warm!  I also slimmed down the leg slightly, taking a ½" seam allowance through the leg, so I wouldn’t have too much flounce over the top of that cuff.  As always, I added the same pocket hack I’ve been using all year.   


Since I knew I was going daring (for me) with the top, I wanted to really take advantage of that high rise cut line.  I also added 2” to the short waistband, so the band comes an inch higher up, to give me a fully high waisted pant.  They’re super comfy, and forgiving enough that I could fully enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and not pop a seam.

Now let’s get back to that daring top.  This is my first crop top, probably ever.  I suppose my parents could have put me in one as a toddler, but it doesn’t seem likely.  I’m not gonna lie, I was SUPER nervous about it.  I was nervous while cutting it out.  Anxious while trying it on to figure out where to hem it.  Thinking about taking a quick shot before the photo shoot, just to shore up some strength.  But I freaking love this tank!!  It is really comfy, looks great with high waisted pants, and the many, many skirts I have in my closet!  It really gives me the same look I usually go for, without the tucking and extra warmth of the tuck.  Clearly, I need to make more of these. Preferably out of this amazing Modal.  It is one of my favorite fabrics.  So easy to work with and lovely to wear! 


But it is November, and there is no way I’ll be wearing a tank alone out and about.  Another layer is necessary!  What a perfect use for the Ribbed Sweater Knit!  I picked this up in almost every color (still mad I missed out on licorice).  The burgundy compliments this liverpool perfectly and is so warm and cozy!!  I continued down the dramatic line and went for a knee length cardi that floats around me with flair! 


Check out all the fun of this outfit coming together, plus all the fun hacks to these joggers at Sarcastic Sewist.  Be sure to check out Edition 11 of Work It!. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!  


Stephanie <3 

I hope you’ll join me over at sarcasticsewist.com to follow my 2019 blog series, Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats!, where I sew up 5 Out Of 4 Patterns Diane Joggers once every month in a new way, with a different fabric from Sly Fox Fabrics! I’ll be tackling many of the options included in the pattern as well as small (and not so small) hacks, in different types of fabrics to create 12 unique bottoms, from shorts to pants and some extras thrown in, just for fun. 

Stephanie Troemel learned to sew from her grandmother when Stephanie was a little girl. She loves a good challenge, like pattern hacking, equally as much as she likes day-to-day sewing. When Stephanie isn't sewing, you can probably find her cooking, reading, or curled up with her kitten.