October is here!!  October is by far the best month, I’ll hear no arguments about this.  Ok, ok, it is my birthday month, so I might be biased.  Still, no arguments.  Fall has finally made it to Atlanta. I’m here for it.  I want to curl up with a steaming cup of coffee, a kitten, and the comfiest clothes ever.  This month for Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats!  I’m am doing just that!



I really wanted to get back to the beginning this month with some comfy pants.  To achieve that wonderfully comfortable, not too warm, no show stretch pant, I didn’t have to look any further than Cotton Spandex. This stuff is dreamily soft.  I want to make all the things out of it.  A bathrobe, a pillow cover, a blanket, one of those hair plopping things.  All the things!  These pants are made from the stunning Jewel color and I could not be happier with the richness and warmth. 




I really wanted a classic yoga pant for these, so I straightened out the leg just a little bit.  I added just 1 ¼" inch to the outseam of both the front and back leg and eased that up to about the knee.  Plus, I cut them a little long for me, about 2”, so I could curl up and have some coverage for the toesies.  I also used the fold-over yoga waistband, which, if we’re being honest, I’ll never fold over. 


Now, I know pockets aren’t classic yoga pant, but...pockets!!  So, I added my usual pocket hack to these as well.  Since I have zero intention of wearing these for yoga (it is hella too hot to wear pants during yoga), I need somewhere to carry my phone, so I can carry my book and coffee to my comfy chair.  These pockets rock.  The fabric is so soft that my hands just keep going back to the cozy cave!



If we are pretending I’ll wear these to yoga, I clearly needed a workout appropriate tank to go with.  I have to say, this one will actually be awesome for yoga.  The neckline is high enough to prevent risk of anything falling out.  The back is super cute and I LOVE this length.  It is just perfect for the coverage I prefer, even when reaching for the sky with those sun salutations.  But not so long I end up drowning in fabric.  Bonus, it is made from the same Cotton Spandex!!  This is the dark grey and let me tell you, it is a lovely color.  Perfect neutral to match all those great prints I keep ordering!  (Dammit, Katy, stop having such pretty fabrics!). 


My one suggestion for working with Cotton Spandex is to have a glass of wine nearby.  It sticks to itself and makes it hard to fold for cutting AND it curls like a SOB.  Totally worth it in the end, but it's a fabric for those days you have extra patience. 


You can read all the details of this hack, and all the previous ones over at Sarcastic Sewist.  Be sure to check out Edition 10 of Work It!.  Don’t forget to let me know what you think!


Stephanie <3

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Stephanie Troemel learned to sew from her grandmother when Stephanie was a little girl. She loves a good challenge, like pattern hacking, equally as much as she likes day-to-day sewing. When Stephanie isn't sewing, you can probably find her cooking, reading, or curled up with her kitten.