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Wee Lap Tee ~ Sleeper Hack Tutorial

Posted on August 28 2018

Looking for the perfect, and perfectly easy, baby gift for all your pregnant friends and cousins? Or maybe you need a quick revenue generator for your sewing business? Look no further! Today you will learn how to hack the Patterns for Pirates Wee Lap Tee pattern into a sleeper. One pattern, multiple options! And did I mention it's FREE?!??

I'm Beth Darrah from Sly Fox Fabrics (follow me on IG) and I hope you'll join me in hacking this baby pattern and creating all kinds of cute little sleepers (don't forget to share them in our facebook group, I want to see all the cuteness!). And due to popular demand, we'll also go through a few simple tricks to make the neckband construction easy peasy! 

You'll need: 

 Let's get started!

Pattern Piece Modifications

Once you print your wee lap tee pattern, cut out the pieces. I used the 3 month size.*

*If making another size, scroll to bottom for a few tips on elastic and lengthening. 

Now attach two more pieces of paper (portrait orientation) to the bottom hem of the bodice pieces. This is where you add the extra length to make the sleeper. 

 Pattern pieces

Measure 13" from the hem (orange arrows) and then make your new horizontal hem line. 

Next, you need to widen the bottom by 2" (blue arrows). If you have a 2" wide ruler that's long enough, you can just line it up with the shirt's original sides and follow it down to where it intersects your new hemline. That's going to be your new bottom corner. 

Now draw a line from the original bottom of the armscye down to the new bottom corner you just marked (red dashed lines). 

Do this for both the front and back bodice pieces.

Congrats, you have now drawn your sleeper pattern! Go ahead and cut it out along your newly drawn lines. 

Cutting Your Fabric

Tip Time! When you cut out your fabric, get in the habit of cutting a little notch whenever something is cut on the fold. Sometimes you won't need it, but often times it's very helpful for doing bands, ruffles, etc. 

Cut out your fabric, and add a little notch at the neckline fold (red arrows/circles below). 


Garment Construction

Grab your neckband pieces.

Tip Time! After you press them in half lengthwise per the pattern instructions, I like to press in half width-wise also (yellow arrows below). (Here's where your tailor's clap really helps to add a nice crease through four layers of fabric.) This crease creates a visual marker that you can match up to that notch we cut out on the fold of our bodice pieces, so the bands are perfectly centered.


Now you can continue pinning/clipping the neckbands per the pattern's instructions. I like clipping A LOT :) 

Sew the neckband and sleeves to the bodice per the pattern's instructions as well.

Next, you're going to sew right up the sleeves and down the whole bodice just like in the pattern instructions.


Creating the Elastic Casing

Fold the hem up 1/2" and press. (I like to first serge the edges for a cleaner look, but it's not necessary)

Stitch about 1/8" from the raw edge that was folded up to create the casing, leaving about 2" open so you can feed the elastic through. I like to put a clip at my STOP point so I don't forget to leave a little open space, like below. 

Now grab your elastic. Put safety pins on both ends and feed one end through the casing (the other safety pin should stop the other end from feeding through. Alternately, you can pin it to the fabric if using smaller safety pins)

Overlap the elastic by about 1" and zigzag stitch it together. 

Now just stitch that casing closed. 

Even out your elastic within the casing.

You're done!! Don't forget to post your makes on our group page (click here!).


*Making a size other than 3 month? To determine the length of elastic needed for the bottom of your sleeper, just measure the shoulder width, multiply by 2, and then add 1". For example, this shoulder span below is 7". 

7" x 2 = 14 + 1" = 15" elastic

Add about 1" to the length of the sleeper per each larger size. So for 6 month, add about 14" to the hem. For 9 month, add about 15" to the hem, etc. 


  • Margaret Haydel: September 27, 2019

    I need a pattern for the sleep gown for a boy and cannot find one. I like this pattern but have not been able to down load it ther is no Pdf file and no sleeve for it. How can I get this I would like to make some for my great grand son to be born in November

  • Margaret Haydel : September 07, 2019

    Have to make some newborn baby boy sleeping gowns and only see for girls.

  • Pam: August 09, 2019

    Where do you purchase your fabric?

  • Melissa: January 28, 2019

    Is the headband from P4P also or where would I find that pattern?

  • Jeanine Brown: October 18, 2018

    I remember these from when my kids were little. I loved them because I didn’t have to try to fit little squishy baby feet and legs into the legs of their sleepers. I know what I will be making my newest granddaughter that will use some of the remnants! I may use a draw string instead of elastic, we shall see!

  • Jean Zimmerman: September 24, 2018

    Helpful tip: you state to put a little notch whenever you place something on the fold. For novices that don’t know, you need to clarify to not notch the fold but the cut side! Also, the last paragraph about lengthening says to add 14" instead of adding to equal 14" in length. Happy sewing everyone!

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