Last year we brought you the Wee Lap Tee Sleeper Hack, and y'all blew us away with all of your excitement for it! So this year, we're introducing yet another simple hack for this FREE pattern. Today we'll show you how to hack the Patterns for Pirates Wee Lap Tee into a dress! 

I'm Beth Darrah from French Seams Boutique (follow me on IG) and I hope you'll join us in this simple yet satisfying baby pattern hack. I can't wait to see all the beautiful little baby dress combinations you come up with! Don't forget to share them in our facebook group! This and the sleeper hack have been brought to you by the talented and beautiful Sarah Maddux (follow her on IG, too)!

For this hack, you'll need: 

 Let's get started!

How To Modify Your Pattern Pieces

Start with your original pattern pieces.

  • Using your front body piece, measure down 1” from under the arm along the side. Draw a line straight across the body from the 1” mark, to the opposite side (center front). Cut along this line.

          Repeat for the back.

TIP: Be sure to label your upper front and back pieces after cutting them!

  • Measure along bottom edge of your upper front pattern piece. (Ex: For my 9-month size, mine is 5.5”)
  • Multiply this measurement by 1.5 (Ex: 5.5” x 1.5= 8.25”) This is the width measurement for your new skirt piece, that will be cut on the fold!

  • Now grab that bottom part that you just cut off your bodice. Measure from where you cut, all the way down to the hem. (Ex: On the bottom half of my 9-month pattern piece, it's 9” from top to bottom.)
  • Add 4-5" to that measurement you just took above. This will be the length measurement for your new skirt piece. (9" + 4" = 13")
  • Now grab some scrap paper, tape it together and cut out your new skirt pattern piece using your length from the previous step and your width from a few steps before that.

Ex: My new skirt pattern piece will be cut 8.25”W x 13”L

Tip: The amount added to the length in the previous step is a personal preference. Add as much or as little as you like!

Cutting Out Your Pattern Pieces

  • You will still cut the same neckbands, sleeves and sleeve cuffs (optional) from the original pattern.
  • Instead of cutting 1 front and 1 back bodice, you will cut out those cropped pieces on the fold right below the armscye, and also 2 of the above skirt pieces that you just created, CUT ON THE FOLD
  • For the skirt, you should end up with two rectangles that measure 16.5" wide and 13" long (or slightly different if you are using a different size than the 9-month size I used). 

This is what all of your cut fabric should look like: 

    Sewing Your Dress
    • Follow the pattern instructions through step 3. 
    • Now, using your preferred method, grab one of your skirt pieces and gather it along one of the long edges until it matches the width of your bodice. 

    Place the gathered edge right sides together on top of your front bodice piece. They should match perfectly (if not, adjust your gathers a bit more). Sew the skirt piece to the bodice.

    • Repeat with your second skirt piece and the back of the bodice. 
    • You can now jump back into your pattern instructions (step 4) and finish the garment's side seams and hem.

    You're done!