Hi everyone, it’s Beth from French Seams Boutique (IG @frenchseamsandlavenderdreams), back with another hack to try out! This time, I’ll use a little trick I learned from Sarah Maddux (IG @sarahmaddux79) to add some fun detail to a raglan hoodie. You can use any raglan pattern, not just hoodies, so grab your favorite one and let’s get started!

In this tutorial, I used Baby French Terry for my main fabric and Brushed Poly for my accent fabric, but you can use any fabric specified by your pattern's instructions.

Here are my favorites for this hack:

French Terry: https://slyfoxfabrics.com/collections/french-terry

Brushed Poly: https://slyfoxfabrics.com/collections/brushed-poly

We’re going to add these little faux piping accent strips to our seams between the bodice and sleeves. While you’re cutting out all of your pattern pieces, decide what you’d like to use as your accent fabric. I’ve used everything from small polka dots to stripes to florals and plaids. Just find something that compliments your main fabric nicely.

  1. Cut a strip that is the width of your fabric (WOF) and the height according to the chart below.*

If the seam allowance of your pattern is…

Cut the length at…

And the width at…



WOF (selvage to selvage)


1 ¼”

WOF (selvage to selvage)


1 ½”

WOF (selvage to selvage)

*My pattern’s seam allowance is 3/8”.


  1. Fold your strip in half, wrong sides together, along the long edges, and press.


  1. Now grab your front bodice piece and one of your sleeves. Lay your folded accent strip down on top of your bodice armscye (where the sleeve will attach), making sure the long raw edges of the folded strip and the raw edge of the armscye are together.
  2. Cut the strip so that you have about ¼” to ½” overhang on the ends just to be safe. We’ll trim any extra fabric off later


5. Now grab that sleeve piece and lay it on top of your bodice/accent strip with right sides together (the same way you’d attach your sleeve if there was no accent strip sandwiched in between). Pin and sew the sleeve to the bodice, using the pattern’s seam allowance.

OPTIONAL: You can topstitch your accent strip if you prefer. Just press your accent strip toward your bodice on the right side, and then run a quick stitch down the very edge of the accent strip.

  1. Repeat steps 3-5 as you attach the other sleeve to the front bodice.

OPTIONAL: If you’d like, you can do the same accent to the back of the bodice/sleeves the same way.

Now continue with the rest of the pattern instructions as usual and you’re done! Enjoy your new hoodie or raglan tee with faux piping accents!

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Beth Darrah is a self-taught sewist who enjoys strike-off sewing, blogging and photography.