It has been quite a year. I shared all the fun and stress of moving Sly Fox from Ohio down to Georgia. So I wanted to end the year with an update on this entire adventure!!

It has been FUN!! Also, super stressful, exhausting, with just a touch of confusion. It feels like I have spent more time in the shop than home these last few months. We've launched new, exciting stuff. Gotten in a little over our heads. Hired temps. Found some great workers. Grown. Changed. Moved fabric all over the shop. Over, and over. The shop has changed so much these last few months! 

EAM ATB Hoodie In SFF Winter Temptation Bundle     RP Carli in SFF Techno Alpaca

Now, I feel like we are settling into a rhythm. Nothing stagnant. Not a rut. Just a really good rhythm. We are doing all kinds of stuff behind the scenes to bring you new, different options that I am ridiculously excited about!! I am loving sitting down and choosing fabric types, prints, colors. Figuring out what is selling, what isn't. What you're looking for. What you didn't even know you were looking for. :) 

Plus, It is so fun to play with all of these beautiful fabrics! And I do mean play. We have off-cuts, dirty cuts, all kinds of fabric that isn't saleable. But it is useable!! Don't worry, it isn't going to waste. The entire team is enjoying access to these fabrics. Some of the team are sewists, or are married to one. Some of them are just learning how to sew and it is thrilling to help them on that journey. 

P4P Brunch Blouse in SFF Chambray     RP Comfy Cowl in SFF Ponte and Swiss Dots

Me, personally? I am loving getting to make up my own stuff in fabrics I picked out, then carried off a truck, photographed, and shared with all of you. (I could definitely do with less of the carrying though!) I love showing you what I pictured when I picked it out. I hope to inspire you just like I am inspired by our entire community every time you share your own makes! I'm including some examples of my favorites here!

I've had fun putting together bundles and meeting some of our local Foxes. Teaching our team about different types of fabrics. Sharing why every fabric is my favorite fabric each week on our live reveals. Answering questions. suggesting coordinates. 

Shop Photo

It is all thrilling, fun, exciting and I couldn't be happier to have the most amazing group of people with which to share! Thank you for hanging out for this adventure and letting me bring you beautiful fabrics! It has been a great start and I can't wait for all that 2021 will bring!


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