• What A Year!

    What A Year!
    It has been quite a year. I shared all the fun and stress of moving Sly Fox from Ohio down to Georgia. So I wanted to end the year with an update on this entire adventure!! It has been FUN!! Also, super stressful, exhausting, with just a touch of confusion. It feels like I have spent more time in the shop than home these...
  • Moving On In

    Moving On In
    So I told y'all I'd be writing blogs as we moved and got settled.  Really wanted to keep you in the loop of all the fun stuff that was happening.  Then BAM!  There was no time.  Not a minute to spare trying to hire people and get fabric moved in.  Tackling all the ins and outs of finding a new freight company.  It was...
  • Moving Sly Fox

    Moving Sly Fox
    If you're anything like me, when you saw Katy's announcement about closing Sly Fox Fabrics, you felt a wide variety of emotions.  Sadness.  Heartbreak.  Maybe even disappointment.  But also happiness for Mary Beth.  And understanding for Katy not wanting to carry on this venture without her.  Knowing how passionate my boss, Rebecca, is about fabric, small businesses, and generally making a difference in our...
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