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If you're anything like me, when you saw Katy's announcement about closing Sly Fox Fabrics, you felt a wide variety of emotions.  Sadness.  Heartbreak.  Maybe even disappointment.  But also happiness for Mary Beth.  And understanding for Katy not wanting to carry on this venture without her. 

Knowing how passionate my boss, Rebecca, is about fabric, small businesses, and generally making a difference in our community, I reached out to see if there was anything we could do.  No harm in planting a seed, right?  


It turns out, not only was there no harm in it, but that seed was nursed by both Rebecca and Katy, and now has blossomed into magic!  Sly Fox Fabrics lives on!  We are working with Katy to make sure the fabulous SFF community continues to have access to gorgeous fabrics, at wonderful prices, with the same service and lovely feeling that Katy and Mary Beth have provided the last few years.  
I know, I know, you know all this already.  What you really want to know is what's next?  We'd really like to keep you in the loop as we go through this process.  So, right now, Mary Beth is packing up the office in Cuyahoga Falls.  It is a bit sad seeing it all packed up.  But, exciting at the same time because it is being packed up to move, rather than packed up for good!  Katy is busy organizing all the amazing information she has in her brain and files to help me make this transition as smooth as possible while maintaining that lovely and unique SLY FOX feel that we have loved for the last four years.  
For my end, I am organizing a cross-country move and looking at properties and learning how to place fabric orders and, well, all the stuff that Katy makes look really easy.  
Since my sister vetoed moving all the supplies into our house (she seems to think we'll need to use our stove and actually wants to be able to leave the house for work and whatnot), we are moving into a storage unit temporarily.
These silly weekends are slowing me down!  I am waiting to look at properties until the business type people are working.  But tours and pro/con lists to start next week.  
The fun bit is happening now though.  Ordering fabric.  Plus, we are hoping for a little fun along the way.  What fabrics are you hoping to see restocked as soon as we relaunch?  Specific fabric types?  Colors?  Patterns?  
Come on back to the blog for updates throughout this process.  I am excited to keep you all in the loop as we get moved and set up here in Atlanta.  
Stephanie xx 


  • Posted on by Ronna Plank

    I’d love to see a nice variety of bamboo spandex. It’s harder to find, but so luxurious and amazing to wear.

  • Posted on by Cindy

    Congratulations! Happy to see Sly Fox Fabrics continue! We’d love to work with you! Please connect and we can discuss :)
    We are with the Magnetic Pattern and Cutting System.


  • Posted on by Judy

    So pleased to hear you will continue, but sorry to know Cuyahoga Falls will no longer be your home. I had just discovered SFF at the start of the isolation period and chose to use your shop for many reasons, including no shipping costs since we could pick the fabric up at your door. Best wishes for a success move and relaunch.

  • Posted on by Kasey

    I’d love rayon and more cotton lycra or bamboo. You’ll see the Atlanta heat doesn’t sit well with DBP (we are in New Orleans). Will you also have a storefront? I’d love to pop in when we do road trips!
    Good luck!!!

  • Posted on by Nancy Janiszewski

    I am so happy that you are going to continue the business. I found out about your fabrics, went on the website and found out you were closing. You were out of almost all of your fabrics as well. I now do all of my fabric shopping online. There are no local stores carrying good fabrics in my area, just the local chain stores. Unfortunately, other then notions, there’s really nothing I’m interested in. I will keep watching for your new store opening. I’m so happy Sly Fox Fabric will be one of my go to stores for great fabrics as well as the wonderful pattern lines you carry. This email has made my day! 🥰

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