So I told y'all I'd be writing blogs as we moved and got settled.  Really wanted to keep you in the loop of all the fun stuff that was happening.  Then BAM!  There was no time.  Not a minute to spare trying to hire people and get fabric moved in.  Tackling all the ins and outs of finding a new freight company.  It was complete madness.  So here is my we're-moving series of blogs all rolled into one: 

We finally got stuff down here and moved into a storage unit!  It was HOT!!  Almost 100 degrees standing in the sun.  Opening the door was like entering a sauna.  Immediately sweaty and gross.  Ugh.

We looked at quite a few different properties.  Why don't companies call me back?  I'm trying to lease some space and pay them money.  Don't they want my money?  Thankfully, one company called me back within a few hours of my voicemail and let me come see the property that very same day!  And it was a win!!!  Negotiations ensued.  We all came out happy!!  FINALLY picked up the keys and so, so grateful for a coworker being in town visiting with her family because they carried all the stuff from storage into the shop!

It was a long, sweaty day, but actually quite fun!  Then a much deserved meal, game night, and falling asleep on the couch.  Then they came back to help set up shelves.  They came back.  Like 60 sets of shelves.  Shelves for days!!!  Basically the best humans.  

Now, we have shelves, we ordered fabric, the big things on the list seem to be done, but the list is never-ending!  Why is my fabric still not picked up?  Why does this company send me inaccurate quotes?  Am I cursed?  Maybe. But we found a company.  They brought the fabric here. Just one downside.  

We have to carry it from the parking lot inside the shop ourselves.  Sigh.  

On a positive note, I am getting a workout in every day.  My muscles ache.  I am hoping we haven't scared off our wonderful new hire who brings excitement and enthusiasm every day!  My sister is threatening to steal all the fabrics.  But WE HAVE FABRICS!!!

Now the fun part.  Organizing, photographing, and creating listings for all the fabrics.  They are gorgeous!  5 Out of 4 Patterns wanted to team up to celebrate our relaunch!  I should make something to wear on the live.  What fabric to choose?  Ok, that was an easy one for me. :D  

Then, finally, we are ready to launch.  Lots of last minute updates and fixes and whoopsies moments.  But 3...2...1 and live!  I'm always nervous on camera and I KNEW Katy was watching.  Just hoping not to mess everything up. 

Our first sale!!!!  So exciting!!!  Let's start cutting and packing.  

Despite how chaotic it was, it truly was fun every step of the way.  I am excited to continue to bring you beautiful, affordable fabrics.  Plus the bonus pre-order we decided to run while doing all the setup.  I'm excited to get to know our customers and work to bring them the fabrics they love.  To expand our offerings.  Super excited to offer in store shopping (not yet, but we're working on it!!).  We have some exciting stuff in the works that I can't wait to share!  So much happy all around.

I could not be more grateful to get to do something that brings me joy and challenges me every single day!  Between our team and our customers, I am surrounded by some of the best people.  

Thank you for hanging out with us through this chaos.  Thank you for being part of the Sly Fox Family.  


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