Confused by all the different apparel fabrics? Do you wish someone would just sit down and explain it all to you so you know what fabric to buy for your pattern? Look no further! The following short videos will be all you need to understand nine different fabrics. And if you're confused about 2-way versus 4-way stretch, or how to measure knit fabrics, we have videos for that, too! 

Single Brushed Polyester versus Double Brushed Polyester

These versatile fabrics are used by many popular apparel makers, in various garments such as tops, dresses and leggings. Check out this video to learn the differences between the two. 

French Terry

Not your mother's French Terry! This fabric has come a long way. It now comes in several varieties including baby French Terry and big loop French Terry. Watch this video to learn more about the drapes of the different varieties, and what garments are best suited for each. 

Heavy Ponte de Roma

You may have felt regular run-of-the-mill Ponte de Roma before at your local fabric shop. But if you haven't felt HEAVY Ponte yet, it is a game changer for double knits! Katy explains why in our next video. 

Techno Scuba

Unbeknownst to me when I first started sewing, Techno Scuba has nothing to do with either techno music or scuba diving. But if you were disappointed, let Katy tell you just how amazing this fabric really is. And then start planning all the dresses, pants and peplums you want to sew with it!

Poly Rayon Spandex

This is kind of like the love child of Rayon Spandex and Polyester Spandex (think DBP). It has great recovery and drape, and is a dream to wear! Here's Katy with more on one of my favorite fabrics. 


Say what?? Crepon is a woven fabric with some really cool textural details. Here's Katy with more about it. 

Bubble Crepe

Not a chunky pancake, I promise. Bubble Crepe is actually a pretty cool and different kind of fabric that can add some dimension to your wardrobe. 


Light as air with a beautiful, flowy drape, chiffon is a fabric you won't want to pass up.

2-Way and 4-Way Stretch

Katy explains the ins and outs of fabric stretch.

Measuring Knit Fabric

Just like there are best practices to taking your clothing measurements for accuracy, there's also a proper way to measure fabric.

Are you curious about other fabrics? Would you like us to demystify more confusing sewing practices or terminology? Leave a comment and tell us about it, and you just might be featured on a future blog post! 

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Beth Darrah is a self-taught sewist who enjoys strike-off sewing, blogging and photography. 



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