"You'd be lying on the floor

You'll be begging me please, please

Baby, don't hurt me no more


Anyone else turn the music up over their own voice and sing their heart out in the car? Today, on the way to work, I was Ann Wilson, front runner for Heart. Oh yeah, I was hitting those notes and letting the Magic Man know what's in store for him if he plans to use those magic hands on someone else...again. Mama was definitely right! 



I can hardly call going to the fabric shop "work". We do work hard at keeping our business running and pleasing our customers but it doesn't feel like a job. It's much more satisfying than my old job marketing building products. That was a good job and I met great people who helped me grow personally and professionally but it did feel like a J-O-B even though it was a path to a career in marketing that led me to all of you. I'm not gonna lie, having a fabric shop is a lot of fun! I seriously walk around picking out fabric to take home and sew with - it's ridiculous. You can hate me now. 



That said, it's tricky times! We're transitioning seasons and in-between fabric shipments. Yes, I'm pulling back the veil people - I just can't help myself. We ordered fabric from one of our suppliers last week and pushed them to get the shipment picked up by the shipping company on Friday. Usually the shipping company leaves LA for the east coast on Friday and delivers to our door by the following Wednesday. Not this week folks! This happens sometimes, we have no idea when it will leave now. This is when it's not fun. To put it bluntly, and here's where the disclaimer comes in, this kind of shit makes my butt pucker. We're at the mercy of the suppliers and the shipping company...we are a small fish (think tadpole) in a big pond (think ocean). 



I'm typically ok with the tadpole in an ocean scenario - I just hate when it bites me in the ass (or arse for our Aussie and UK readers). Just to be clear, when we don't have stockings it's because we're in this situation. It doesn't mean we don't have fabric - just not new fabric to show off. To top it off, our sweater knits did not make the shipment. Even though that feels like the end of the world, I know it's not. Most of us won't truly be sewing sweater knits for another month or so. There's plenty of time to get them in before the season kicks in. And, hey, we ship in 24 hours so you'll practically have your order before you confirm your purchase. Ok, enough whining, let's talk sewing...



I did my first pattern test this past week! It was challenging but a ton of fun. I'm a beginner so this project took me all week. The Walker Raglan Classic Hoodie by Sinclair Patterns - it's for men but the next one I make will be for me! In Fact, I know I'll be making A LOT more of these! Here's my hubby in his Walker Raglan made out of the Slub French Terry in Black. I used black ribbing for the cuffs and band. He loves the fit and he's really making a fashion statement with his socks and sandals! lol!!!




A little side note here: I used pins instead of clips to stabilize the bands and the seams matched up perfectly! So what if my hands were all bloody afterward?!? It was totally worth it!


Mary Beth made this Walker Raglan for my son...she used the Brushed French Terry in Auburgine (out of stock :-() from my stash and striped DBP for the hoodie string. He loves it but we're pretty sure his girlfriend's going to claim it for herself!


OK, I'm out! Time to go switch the laundry loads and pour a glass of red blend! I'll see you all next time I have something mildly interesting to write about...  

 TONIGHT'S RECOMMENDED RED BLEND:  Ravage Knight Fall Dark Red Blend, it's a California wine and it's delicious. 

 TONIGHT'S RECOMMENDED TV BINGE:  Scott & Bailey. If you enjoy crime dramas and/or British TV, this is your jam! We watch it on Amazon Prime. I have to add that Gill is my favorite character which says a lot because Rachel and Janet are also my favorite characters so there's that. 


Hi! I'm Katy Kemper, I co-own Sly Fox Fabrics along with my mother, Mary Beth Creque. Sly Fox was born in late 2016 out of her passion for sewing and my love of marketing and bossing people around. I live in Northeast Ohio with my husband and am mom and stepmom to five lovely children ranging in age from 16 to 20, and adopted mom to one very needy 8 year-old three-legged cat. 


  • Sandy: September 19, 2018
    Author image

    I have to ask where you got the black ribbing. I am going nuts trying to find tubular ribbing.

  • Sarah Maddux: August 22, 2018
    Author image

    I am loving this! Not the butt puckering part, but I do love your honesty and “real life” speak!!

  • Jo Lynn Lowanse: August 21, 2018
    Author image

    Love your attitude to life’s ups and downs!
    All about wanting the rib knit in any color but the ones at you know where! New dress code for the grandtwins is really messing with my stash……as in none! Would love those cute matching rib knit polo collars, too!

  • Kate: August 21, 2018
    Author image

    You are the best! Love the blog:) and the hoodie looks like something my people will wear.

  • Dona Battisfore-Krebs: August 20, 2018
    Author image

    “This kind of shit makes my butt pucker” Bahahahahahaha, perfect summation of a million binds I’ve been in. I will be co-opting the verbage from here on out. What a hoot.

  • Kaara King: August 20, 2018
    Author image

    Ahhhh! This blog post makes me love you even more Katy!! Lol you’re hilarious and hopefully that shipment comes soon!

  • Katy Kemper: August 20, 2018
    Author image

    Trisha – We do not carry the rib knit but we may add it to our offering! Our local JoAnn’s only had white, black and red – not a very good selection at all.

  • Trisha: August 20, 2018
    Author image

    Do you guys carry the rib knit? I have been trying to find some navy for a sweatshirt I am making my husband and It’s been a very frustrating search.

  • sandi peters: August 20, 2018
    Author image

    I really enjoy reading your newsletter.
    Keep ’em coming :)

  • Tamara Meredith Nichols: August 20, 2018
    Author image

    Just remember that part of being a small business owner is having a following of loyal customers. We can wait a week for the next reveal because we know the fabrics you supply and the customer service we receive are top-notch.

  • Stacie Ward : August 20, 2018
    Author image

    You are awesome! Happy to get more of ya. Great job on the hoodie! Looks comfy

  • Lydia Henning : August 18, 2018
    Author image

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I wish I lived closer to one of you fabric mavens….I would totally give some of my retirement time to help out with fabric cutting/boxing/shipping!!! I enjoy your reveals each week as well! Thank you for all you do!

  • Kim Medlock: August 18, 2018
    Author image

    Thanks for sharing, Katy. I love reading about your sewing adventures. I could feel your “small fish” pain… and it made my butt pucker too!!!

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